Conference USA Games Streamed on Twitter

Posted on 25 of May, 2017 by in OU Soccer

This season, STADIUM a new broadcasting entity will televise 15 Conference USA football games minimum, and this will include a minimum one involving Old Dominion. The information has been shared by the top sources.

Sports properties, vice president for STADIUM Adam Anshell confirmed this news and said, Conference USA football and basketball broadcast could be done by the STADIUM, once its contract expires with the league. According to the information, the contract is going to expire in the year 2018. Read more…


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Barcelona striker Luis Saurez has urged his teammates to move past the victory over Paris Saint Germain as they face Serie A champs Juventus on Tuesday.

Both sides are meeting in the quarter finals of the tournament – the first time since meeting at the 2015 Champions League final.

Barcelona pulled off a big win, more like a miracle, as they came back from a 4-0 deficit in the first leg to win 6-1 in the return leg. It is one of the greatest comebacks in continental history. The achievements earned them a chance to play Juventus and the Uruguay international is asking that the team focus on the match differently.

“The game against PSG was special, but it is in the past now. We knew that we had the ability to create a miracle and we made history that night. It does give you confidence when you have performances like that but every test in the Champions League is a big one and there are not many bigger tests than Juventus,” Suarez said.

Surez hailed the Serie A side, labelling them “one of the best teams in Europe.” Read more…

Edinson Cavani feels his same as Luis Suarez

Edinson Cavani doesn’t think that there is too much of similarity between him and Luis Suarez barring the fact that they belong to the same part of Uruguay and represent Uruguay at the international level.

In the opinion of Cavani, the comparison between the two players can be made only when the two of them play the same style of Football, but, in the case of him and Suarez, the style is totally different and that’s why, the comparison just can’t be accurate.

Cavani claims to have a good camaraderie with Suarez being his compatriot and a healthy rivalry as well when they face each other as parts of their respective clubs.

In the words of Cavani, “What’s same about me and Suarez is that we are compatriots, but, that’s about it. Other than that if you see the options that he has chosen, he opted to move out of the country pretty early, I didn’t. My career in club Football back home was a little longer than his.” Read more…

Jamie Carragher Reveals Rodgers Plans to Unite Suarez and Mkhitaryan

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher reveals that Brendan Rodgers wanted to have Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Luis Suarez in the same team.

Rodgers inherited a team that contained Luis Suarez, who later became one of the greatest strikers in the Premier League despite having spent only a couple of years in English football. Suarez came on the verge of single-handedly helped Liverpool win the league title in the 2013-14 season. Unable to lift major honours with Liverpool since joining the club in a £22 million deal, Suarez saw the opportunity to join Barcelona as the best possible outcome.

He left for the Catalan club in the summer of 2014. There was a significant lack of strength in depth at Liverpool back then. However, it would have been so different if Rodgers was able to bring in Mkhitaryan before the Armenian international joined Borussia Dortmund. Carragher says that Rodgers planned on using Luis Suarez as the main striker followed by Mkhitaryan in a number 10 role. Read more…

José Mourinho Praises Ashley Young’s Attitude in the Dressing Room

Manchester United boss José Mourinho has heaped the praise on winger Ashley Young by saying that the player has been setting an example in the dressing room.

Young is certainly not one of the first team regulars at United. He has been shuffled around the pitch a lot in the last two managerial regimes. Even though he is a winger by nature, Young has also played in positions like left back and wingback in order to help the team out. Mourinho also says that Young is a player who is always available irrespective of any injuries that he may be carrying.

The statement by the Portuguese boss comes amidst a fallout with Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw. The manager recently criticised the duo after they failed to make themselves available for the game against Swansea City.

Even though the match finished as a 3-1 victory, Mourinho says that players should be able to play through the pain barrier if they are to help the team’s cause 100%. It was surprising to see the Manchester United boss question his player’s commitment even early into his regime at Old Trafford. At all of his previous clubs, his exit has been forced upon largely because of results suffering immensely as a result of losing the dressing room.

“There is a difference between the brave, who want to be there at any cost, and the ones for whom a little pain can make a difference.Yes, it takes time [to change] but with the help of people like Phil Jones, who was playing without having even trained, Ashley Young, Wayne Rooney, with these people it will not be an impossible mission but a possible mission.Of course, it is not just the players, it is the players and the people that surround the players,” said Mourinho.