Fulham manager Martin Jol recently witnessed the destructive capabilities of Luis Suarez firsthand, as his Fulham team were destroyed by the Uruguayan in a great display. Suarez has been regarded as one of the best players in the Premier league. He has been subjected to transfer rumours linking him with Arsenal and Real Madrid in the last few months. Despite the problems he has created off the pitch, Suarez continues to be one of the sought-after players due to his abilities on the pitch. Jol, whose team were beaten 4-0, said that Suarez is one of the best in the world inside the penalty box.

Suarez is known for his dribbling skills and this combined with excellent finishing capabilities mean that the 26-year-old is one of the deadliest in the world at scoring goals. He already has more goals than Lionel Messi this season despite missing the start of the campaign. Suarez is level on goals with Sergio Aguero and Daniel Sturridge, but he is expected to comfortably overtake them if he manages to maintain this current form. Jol is no stranger to Suarez having managed him at Ajax, but he came up against the 26-year-old perhaps for the first time.

“He’s a lot different off the pitch. He’s actually quiet. He’s not outspoken. He’s not someone who will fight people but on the pitch he wants to win. I can remember in the World Cup he saved the goal and it was ridiculous because he was like the goalkeeper and then there was a penalty and he was sent off and then he was cheering when they missed it. There is no-one better than him in the box,” said Jol after the match.

The Dutchman has said that English football has brought out the best in him in recent years.