Edinson Cavani feels his same as Luis Suarez

Edinson Cavani doesn’t think that there is too much of similarity between him and Luis Suarez barring the fact that they belong to the same part of Uruguay and represent Uruguay at the international level.

In the opinion of Cavani, the comparison between the two players can be made only when the two of them play the same style of Football, but, in the case of him and Suarez, the style is totally different and that’s why, the comparison just can’t be accurate.

Cavani claims to have a good camaraderie with Suarez being his compatriot and a healthy rivalry as well when they face each other as parts of their respective clubs.

In the words of Cavani, “What’s same about me and Suarez is that we are compatriots, but, that’s about it. Other than that if you see the options that he has chosen, he opted to move out of the country pretty early, I didn’t. My career in club Football back home was a little longer than his.”

“And even if you see the way we two play, his game is more of a physical game, while you can’t say the same about my game because I don’t think there is that much of body involved in the way I execute my moves on the pitch.”

“But, obviously because we have the same nationality and we both take great pride in wearing our national colours, we get along quite well. Whenever we meet, there is a lot of warmth between us and I don’t expect it to be any different this time around.”

“You can only admire him for what he has done as a player on a consistent basis for all his teams over a period of time, but, hopefully, we will be able to hold him on this occasion.”