Conference USA Games Streamed on Twitter

This season, STADIUM a new broadcasting entity will televise 15 Conference USA football games minimum, and this will include a minimum one involving Old Dominion. The information has been shared by the top sources.

Sports properties, vice president for STADIUM Adam Anshell confirmed this news and said, Conference USA football and basketball broadcast could be done by the STADIUM, once its contract expires with the league. According to the information, the contract is going to expire in the year 2018.

Anshell shared his thought about the event and said “We are to discuss the new contract with Conference USA. Anshell is attending league meetings in Destin, Fla.

Talking about the STADIUM, then it was formed after the merger of the (ASN) American Sports Network, Silver Chalice and, 120 Sports. According to the agreement made between ASN and Conference USA games, ASN will televise the game separately as the agreement between both will expire after the sports season of 2017-2018.

Speaking about this Anshell said, “The games will be broadcast over the cable outlets and over-the-air of ASN, including Norflok’s WTVZ-TV, but it will also be streamed on Twitter.” For fans who want to get even closer to the action, there are places like this website that will find tickets to games from the Conference level to La Liga.

Twitter, this will be a fresh and a new platform for Conference USA and it is expected that this would increase the number of potential audience of the game. Twitter is accessed mostly on smart phones, however, people use it on tablets and computers as well and now, it can be accessed on television as well. It previously had a deal for the NFL. Thus, the authorities are hopeful that it will bring more potential audience from all over the world.

Nevertheless, the interest of STADIUM in continuing its relationship could be a big boost for the league. Since last three seasons, ASN was televising the game and has enjoyed good terms with Conference USA games. Conference USA games are also in talk with other broadcasters to televise the game to get more exposure of the game internationally.